1: Rare Find Discover the 1976 Bicentennial Washington Quarter, valued at over $650,000.

2: High Demand Collectors seek the elusive 1776-1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar worth $680,000.

3: Silver Treasure Unearth the rare Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar valued at $760,000.

4: Sought-After Gem The 1976 Bicentennial S Kennedy Half Dollar is valued at a whopping $700,000.

5: Valuable Rarity Explore the 1976 Bicentennial Jefferson Nickel, worth over $650,000.

6: Hidden Gem Discover the 1976 Bicentennial Lincoln Penny, valued at $675,000 due to its rare error.

7: Rare Prize Uncover the 1976 Bicentennial Roosevelt Dime, worth over $650,000 in pristine condition.

8: Valued Possession The 1976 Bicentennial Quarter is a rare collectible valued at $690,000.

9: Collector's Dream The 1976 Bicentennial Half Dollar is a valuable gem worth over $650,000 in mint condition.